Automated Assembly Equipment

Our product offerings for the assembly operation include the Weber Screwdriving Systems’ hand held and fixed spindle driver systems and Intelligent Actuator’s servo press units.

Weber Screwdriving Systems provides drivers with controller systems for fastening, torque operations and fastening systems requiring dual driving sequencing strategies. Optional dynamic transducers provide continuous parameter measuring during the torque and rotational angle operations.

Intelligent Actuator’s servo press units provide superior stop stability during pressing, which makes them optimal for push-motion operations. Force Control – a function that can perform high-precision push control output using the feedback data from the dedicated load cell installed in the actuator.

Weber Handheld Screwdriver

Weber – Handheld Screwdrivers

  • HSP – Pneumatic Screwdriver
  • HSE – DC Electric Screwdriver
  • HPP – Handheld Inserting System

Weber Fixtured Screwdriver

Weber – Fixtured Screwdriving Systems

  • SER/SEB – Fixtured Screwdrivers
  • SEV – Vacuum Fixtured Screwdrivers
  • SEM/SEK – Fixtured Nutdriving/Torquing

IAI Servo Press RCS3

IAI Servo Press RCS3

  • Loading Repeatability is ±0.5%
  • Variety of Product Groups: 8 Models in the Lineup
  • Supports Traceability
  • Simple Setting – 4 Steps
  • Newly Developed 3kW Motor Driver Achieved Max. Thrust of 5t and Max. of 200mm/sec